Swedish Translator and Entrepreneurship

Many people walk their whole life feeling trapped and restricted, the demands on which life you are supposed to live is strong, and especially in the Nordic countries there is a very strong force on you to become "employed". People that have a lot of creativity and ideas often don't think of the possibility of becoming a freelancer or start their own company. And many that are willing and able to take the step are forced back or pulled down by the "Tall Puppy Syndrome" that is present in the culture on the country side in Sweden, in smaller towns and in areas between towns. Many think it is to hard and difficult to start their own business because the VAT and Taxes and bureaucracy are too big obstacles to overcome. The Social programming that it's "bad" to own a company is starting to fade away but is very much there still, especially out in the smaller towns and out on the country side. Sweden has a long history of social democratic government with a weight towards the left wing communism. That has influenced the culture in Sweden and for a long time the company owners were the "enemies". But today Sweden is very much dependent on new small companies that grows and creates employment opportunities. This in combination with the experience many young people now feel when they enter the labour market and larger companies and organizations -not seen, not encouraged, competence not taking cared of and the feeling of not being able to develop or grow personally on the job, forces many out to become entrepreneurs. But there would be many more if the culture would have been more like in USA.



Article from a Swedish Freelance Translator

Here is an article by a Swedish Translator that eventually turned his own life around and started his own company and become a freelancer full time. Many people a just walking around wishing for more freedom and control over their life -and becoming a freelancer is the solution that far too few people in Sweden and the Nordic countries have discovered yet.



18 Aug 2014

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