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Swedish to English Translator

I mostly do translations between English into Swedish, but every now and then I do get a request to translate from Swedish to English. That naturally takes a little more time and effort since English is not my mother tongue but I'm still very good at it since I lived and studied in England and I have worked for international companies and American companies for several years, this gives me the natural feeling if a word or sentence is right or wrong. If you have someone translating with school English you will get a  grammatically correct translation but it won't sound natural to a native British person or a native Australian or a native American, you need to know the jargon and the local words used for different things, things you don't learn during language classes in school. If you need a really good translation between Swedish and English but can't afford the traditional language translation agency with fancy office at an expensive address in central town, than you should have a look at my translation service from Swedish language to English language, it's a great service and you will get top quality results without squandering your treasury!



20 May 2014

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