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Book translation of nynorsk and bokmål to Swedish. Translation of texts from Norwegian to Swedish. Norwegian-Swedish language translation.

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Translate books in Norwegian or manuscripts or other Norwegian document from the Norwegian language to the Swedish language with high quality but relatively low price. We're talking about very affordable translations here.

Normally Sweden-based or Swedish-situated translation services, translation agencies and freelance translators from Sweden charge somewhere between 1-3 SEK per word. This makes it almost impossible for lesser known writers or blogs to translate from Norwegian to Swedish. Website owners that want to reach the Norwegian market also struggle with very high translation costs and therefore use their English page to reach Norwegian customers, but that excludes a major part of the Norwegian population that will only order from Norwegian websites or at least websites that made the effort to translate their pages to Norwegian.

This translation service for Norwegian texts and Norwegian books to Swedish or to English solves this problem because it has an affordable price: Currently approximately 0,30 NOK/word (around 0,33 SEK/word, $0,05/word) for translation. 

Please contact the translator for an exact quote. Prices can increase due to the nature of the text, the complexity of the translation and the quality of the source text to be translated.


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