Best accounting software for freelance translators

When you start to grow your translation business, you need to start accounting everything that happens and start tunning your translation business as a real company, but which accounting software should you use?

The Best accounting software for freelancers

During my research I found to really good free accounting programs. They are called Zervant and Promikbook. They are completely free to use but you need to pay to use the invoicing modules. But that is really no big problem, since you can use Excel templates and manually invoice and account your sales.

You have reviews and videos from three accounting programs that are completely online here:

Best free accounting programs for freelancers

Do the accounting yourself or hire someone to do it?

It all comes down to interest and time. Depending on which country you live in and your specific VAT and Tax regulations, doing the accounting yourself could be easy or a nightmare. Usually the countries in Europe have a lot of rules and regulations within tax, VAT and EU-VAT as well as bookkeeping regulations that takes a lot of time and effort to get into.

A translation service usually have only a few accounts that are used month after month, and once you get past the first couple of months the job becomes easy end almost effortless. And you can save a lot of money by not outsourcing the accounting to an audit firm.

What should you write on invoice?

If you sell translation abroad to international customers you need to specify some extra lines of text if you are based within the EU. If you look at this page about cross-border invoices in the EU you can learn more. EU has some really nasty, cumbersome and ridiculous rules for managing VAT when doing business with another member state or company in another member state. This could be one reason to outsource your accounting, because the bureaucracy might just kill your motivation for running your own business.

3 Sep 2014

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