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Do you know the origins of the Swedish and English language? Did you know they are actually the same language from the beginning? That's right both English and all the Nordic languages are actually evolutions of an old Germanic language which tribes brought with them while invading Britan around 500 AD. Even if a lot has happened with the languages during the centuries they all come from the same language from the beginning. Hence you could say that English, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish are actually Germanic dialects.

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Looking for English-Swedish translation? 

Use this translation service for English translations into Swedish

English to Swedish freelance translator

Need to find a Swedish freelancer to translate your texts or docs?

This is a good option for English translations

English-Swedish translator

Translation service for Swedish & English quick, cheap, affordable and good

Swedish freelance translator

Need a Swedish translator? (native Swede)

This Swedish translator has a higly recommended translation service

Native Swedish translator

English to Swedish Translations by a Native Swedish Language Speaker

Where can I find a Swedish translator?

Go to this link to find Swedish translators

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Are you looking for an automated or a manual translation? Automated translations like google translate is a good option to get quick and dirty translations. But if you actually want to distribute your translation to customers or upload it to your webpage then you really need high quality manual translation. Look at this alternative for translating:

This is a good alternative to automated translation services

Average price for English-Swedish translation

Here is a blog article about the price for English-Swedish translations

Swedish Translation Service

This is a Swedish translator service offered by a Swedish translator

English Translation Service

A great English translation service

Manual English Translations into Swedish language

manual translation of english to swedish

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Cheap swedish freelance translator

English-Swedish translations can be very expensive. Now you have the opportunity to translate between Swedish & English for an affordable price with bery high language quality. The easiest way to translate English texts is to hire a goog freelancer translator. Cheap & Affordable Swedish Translator

Swedish Translator

Did you come to this page because you were looking for a fast, efficient and professional Swedish Translator with a cost effective price? Now you have a perfect opportunity to translate anything you like to Swedish. It could be manuscripts, transcriptions, books, text, webpages, software programs, applications, bannersmobile apps or anything in between. If you need something translated into Swedish this is the translator you are looking for. Order your high quality translations from this Swedish translation service. You won't regeret it.

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